Pre-production Wire Bonding Services

At Hesse Mechatronics, Inc., we are committed to supporting your wire bonding production requirements both today and in the future. To meet these requirements, we are pleased to offer a wide range of wire bonding services in addition to our wire bonding equipment models.

Pre-production Prototypes and Design Validation Builds

Many companies cannot justify purchasing a wire bonder until they prove feasibility. Hesse Mechatronics Inc. will work side-by-side with you to wire bond your initial prototype units in low volumes, in addition to performing design validation builds in tens to hundreds of units.

Design validation builds include reports with pull and shear test data and photographs and videos of your modules being wire bonded. We also work with you to fixture your devices, integrate automation and address all process and material-related issues regarding your wire bonding processes. Our wire bonding experts will be with your company every step of the way, from initial sample evaluation to production of your wire bonded devices.


If you prefer to have wire bonding capabilities in-house, Hesse Mechatronics offers creative options to help you acquire a wire bonder for your facility, including lease programs with third party capital equipment leasing companies.


Some costs incurred for your wire bonding pre-production prototype and design validation build services may be eligible to be applied towards a wire bonding equiment purchase.

Please contact Mike McKeown at 516-551-8671 or via email at to discuss your wire bonding application and to receive a custom quotation based on your requirements.


Hesse Mechatronics helps us meet our power module fabrication needs. Their professional wire bonding services are fast and reliable. Wenli Zhang, Virginia Tech Center for Power Electronics Systems

Thin Wire  Al, Au, Cu, Ag Alloy
12.5µm up to 75µm 
Thin Ribbon  Al, Au, Cu
6µm x 35µm up to 25µm x 250µm
Heavy Wire  Al, Au, Cu, Al-Coated-Cu
75µm up to 500µm
Heavy Ribbon  Al, Cu, Al-Clad-Cu
.075mm x .75mm up to 0.3mm x 2mm
Ultrasonic Interconnection  Al-Al, Cu-Cu, Al-Ni 


Wire Bonding Demonstration and Service Locations

  • Tempe, AZ
  • Irvine, CA
  • Clinton, MA


“Hesse Mechatronics helps us meet our power module fabrication Needs. Their professional wire bonding services are fast and reliable.”  — Wenli Zhang, Research Assistant Professor / Packaging Lab Manager at Virginia Tech Center for Power Electronics Systems 

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