Advanced wedge bonding: Enabling new package developments in RF, microwave, optoelectronic and military devices.

To be presented at IMAPS’ Florida Chapter’s 1st Southeastern Microelectronics Packaging Conference
January 17, 2012

by Lee Levine
Hesse Mechatronics, Inc.
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff & Wedge Bonding Expert

As we move toward finer pad pitches for advanced devices requiring smaller bond pads (as predicted by the ITRS Roadmap) the diameter of smaller diameter bonding wire presents a roadblock due to its significantly lower conductivity, or current carrying capacity. Wedge bonding technology allows use of a larger wire diameter than ball bonding for the same pad size, resulting in higher current for the package.

Wedge bonding is poised to emerge as the driving technology for bonding fine-pitch devices, enabling new package development and greater reliability for RF, microwave, optoelectronic and military devices. The deformation, or width, of a full strength wedge bond is typically 33% smaller than the smallest diameter ball bond of the same wire diameter.

This technical presentation will provide an overview of how the latest wedge bonding equipment meets the highest demands of these advanced devices, improving productivity and device quality.

New looping capabilities, higher bonding speed for greater productivity and Process Integrated Quality Control™ – the only quality assurance tools of its kind – provide high reliability interconnection solutions for advanced military, aerospace, medical and optoelectronic packages.

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